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Factions is up and running, along with essentials and our other plugins! The pro builder, AmericasGerman, has begun work on the spawn and it is coming along well. There are more staff applications than I can handle. So all in all everything is going better then planed.


We into dedi now

As is implied with the new Ip and lack of lag we now have a dedi, and its free! Thanks to AmericansGerman, the second in charge(title still to be determined).

New IP!!!

Getting a Dedi

There have been a lot more players than I expected. Because of this and my atrocious upload speed of ~5mps I am going to try and speed up the process of getting a dedi(dedicated server). To get a dedicated server I need some starting funds in Paypal. To get those starting funds I am going to need donations. To donate you can either ask your parents for their credit/debit card, use your own credit/debit card, go down to the store(Walgreens, Walmart, ect.) and buy a pre-paid card, or use funds you already have in Paypal. Donating this early will get you an exclusive rank that no one will be able to get once we get a dedi, along with tons of items and stuff. You will get all this once the server updates to Bukkit so that you can more easily protect it. So thanks for any donation you make, and even if you don't donate thanks for playing.

Updating to Bukkit

Many of you have been asking about when the server will update to Bukkit. I will update the server to Bukkit as soon as there is a stable version. The current newest version doesn't let players join the game. I will be checking for new versions of Bukkit every hours or so and get it up and running as soon as possible.

Server Setup

There will be 3 worlds

  1. Factions or Towny
  2. Creative
  3. Vanilla
Items will not be transferable between worlds. After Factions or Towny has been decided there will be a poll on what the current world will become. It will either be the Towny/Faction world or the survival world. 

Special Rank

Anyone who plays before we have a dedi will be reviving  special rank.  I have not yet decided on what it will be but it will probably be something like forerunner or ancient, so please get your friends to login so they don;t miss this opportunity.



SolCraft is a new vanilla 1.7.9 server. Once Bukkit updates there will be multiple worlds, one vanilla and one Factions or possible Towny. We are looking for staff right now. Sorry about any lag, we are currently saving up for a dedi. So if you don't want lag donate!


  • Abcdefgh645: Owner
  • AmericasGerman: Admin
To apply for staff go  here.

30th Apr 2014 swimmergurl4166
Name to be addressed by: Swimmergurl4166
Skype name:swimmergurl4166
Gender: Female
Why you want to be staff: I love this server. I play on it everyday. Being staff on my favorite server would mean the world to me. Also I would love to tpa to my friends! This server is amazing I would just love to be staff.
Experience: I have been staff on other servers before. I am responsible and trustworthy. I have been playing minecraft for years now and have tons of building experience. I appreciate fine detail.
Anything else: Thank you for taking the time to go over my application. I know you get plenty everyday and have lots to read but know I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to look at mine. I hope you get back to me soon. And once again thank you.

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